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Calland AR, Siegler IC, Costa PT, Ross LM, Zucker N, French RM, Hauser E, Huffman KM. (2020). Associations of self-reported eating disorder behaviors and personality in a college-educated sample. Appetite, Volume 151, 104669. LINK

PTSD  (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder )

Ogle CM , Rubin DC, Siegler IC. (2014). The relation between insecure attachment and posttraumatic stress: Early life versus adulthood traumas. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 7, 324-332. PMCID: PMC4493437 LINK

Ogle CM , Rubin DC, Siegler IC. (2015). Accounting for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms with pre- and post-trauma risk factors: A longitudinal study. Clinical Psychologival Science. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/2167702615583227LINK

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Berntsen D,  Rubin DC,  Siegler IC. (2011).  Two versions of life:  Emotionally negative and positive life events have different roles in the organization of life story and identity.   Emotion, 11:1190-201. LINK


Siegler IC,  Brummett BH, Martin P, Helms MJ. (2013).  Consistency and timing of marital transitions during midlife and survival:  The role of personality and health risk behaviors.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 45:338-347.   LINK to article

Brummett BH, Helms MJ, Dahlstrom WG, Siegler IC.  (2006).   Prediction of All-Cause Mortality by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Optimism-Pessimism Scale Scores: Study of a College Sample During a 40-Year Follow-up Period.  Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 81:1541-1544.   LINK to article

Yen S, Siegler IC.  (2003).  Self-blame, social introversion and male suicides:  Prospective data from a longitudinal study.  Archives of Suicide Research, 7:17-27.     LINK to article

Spouse Pairs

Brummett BH, Siegler IC, Day RS, Costa PT.  (2008).  Personality as a predictor of dietary quality in spouses during midlife.  Behavioral Medicine, 34:5-30. LINK to article

Brummett BH, Barefoot JR, Feaganes JR, Yen S, Bosworth HB, Williams RB, Siegler IC.  (2000).  Hostility in marital dyads:  Associations with depressive symptoms.  Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 23:95-105.   LINK to article

CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) Risk Factors

Brummett BH, Babyak MA, Williams RB, Barefoot JC, Costa PT,  Siegler IC.  (2006).  NEO personality domains and gender predict levels and trends in Body Mass Index over 14 years during midlife.  Journal of Research in Personality, 40:222-236. LINK to article

Mortensen LH, Siegler IC, Barefoot JC, Gronbaek M,  Sorensen T IA.  (2006).  Prospective associations between sedentary lifestyle and Body Mass Index in midlife.  Obesity, 14:1462-1471. LINK to article

Siegler IC, Costa PT, Brummett BH, Helms MJ, Barefoot JC, Williams RB, Dahlstrom WG, Kaplan BH, Vitaliano PP, Nichaman MZ, Day RS, Rimer BK.  (2003).  Patterns of change in hostility from college to midlife in the UNC Alumni Heart Study predict high-risk status.  Psychosomatic Medicine, 65:738-745. LINK to article

Brummett BH, Barefoot JC, Vitaliano PP, Siegler IC.  (2003).  Associations among social support, income, and symptoms of depression in an educated sample:  The UNC Alumni Heart Study.  International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 10:239-250. LINK to article

Barefoot JC, Gronbæk M, Feaganes JR, McPherson RS, Williams RB,  Siegler IC.  (2002).  Alcoholic beverage preference, diet, and health habits in the UNC Alumni Heart Study.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 76:466-472. LINK to article

McPherson RS, Feaganes JR,  Siegler IC.  (2000).  Measurement of dietary intake in the UNC Alumni Heart Study.  Preventive Medicine, 31:56-67. LINK to article

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Bastian LA, Couchman GM, Rimer BK, McBride CM, Feaganes JR, Siegler IC.  (1997).  Perceptions of menopausal stage and patterns of hormone replacement therapy use.  Journal of Women's Health,  6:467-475. LINK to article

Siegler IC, Blumenthal JA, Barefoot JC, Peterson BL, Saunders WB, Dahlstrom WG, Costa Jr PT, Suarez EC, Helms MJ, Maynard KE, Williams RB.  (1997).  Personality factors differentially predict exercise behavior in men and women.  Women's Health:  Research on Gender, Behavior and Policy, 3:61-70. LINK to article

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Applegate K, Keefe FJ, Siegler IC, Bradley LA, McKee DC, Cooper KS, Riordan P.  (2005).  Does personality at college entry predict number of reported pain conditions at mid life?  A longitudinal study.  The Journal of Pain, 6:92-97. LINK to article


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Herbst JH, McCrae RR, Costa Jr PT, Feaganes JR, Siegler IC.  (2000).  Self-Perceptions of stability and change in personality at midlife:  The UNC Alumni Heart Study.  Assessment, 7:379-388. LINK to article

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Women's health, cancer and mammography

Siegler IC, Feaganes JR,  Rimer BK.  (1995).  Predictors of adoption of mammography in women under age 50.  Health Psychology, 14:274-278.   LINK to article

Methods and Set up of UNCAHS

Siegler IC, Peterson BL, Barefoot JC, Harvin SH, Dahlstrom WG, Kaplan BH, Costa PT Jr,  Williams RB.  (1992).  Using college alumni populations in epidemiologic research:  The UNC Alumni Heart Study.  Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 45(11):1243-1250. LINK to article

Siegler IC,  Costa PT.  (1994).  Personality and breast cancer screening behaviors.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 16:347-351. LINK to article